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Exercise Your Mood - Moses Mbye

There is extensive evidence that shows exercise can be used to treat and even prevent mental illnesses like depression.

One in two Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, with suicide the biggest killer of individuals aged 15-44.

Everyone can benefit from exercising their mood. We all have room to build up our resilience and well-being. Exercising your mood is about starting at your own level - research shows that even small amounts of exercise is both mentally and physically beneficial.

NRL and Canterbury Banks-town Bulldogs superstar, Moses Mbye is a proud ambassador of the NRL State of Mind Project and he knows the importance of physical exercise to keep a mental edge over opposing players.

"It's an important message to spread throughout the community, it is a very serious matter, if I can have input to save one person's life I think we're doing a good job," Mbye said.

"Doing activities like; walking, riding or jogging can make a huge difference to your mental fitness. Take the first step and exercise your mood."

Please see the attached link to hear what Moses Mbye has to say about exercising your mood.

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