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Moses Mbye backs State of Mind

The NRL State of Mind program aims to encourage players, clubs and communities to speak up and seek help if they are experiencing any form of difficulty or difference in their mood.

The ambassadors, including Bulldogs half Moses Mbye, have all nominated themselves for the roles because they want to assist with the program.

One in two Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, with suicide the biggest killer of individuals aged 15-44.

"It's an important message to spread throughout the community, it is a very serious matter, if I can have input to save one person's life I think we're doing a good job," Mbye said.

"It is a growing issue, in the past a number of young players have unfortunately taken their own lives we are here to prevent that.

"There is a stigma out there, especially us men, if we do speak out with a mental issue, we are a bit wussy, it is obviously a big issue.

"It is something that can be avoided with the right treatment and seeking the right help and speaking to the right people, it is something that can be fixed."

It is an issue that is very close to Mbye, and he wants to help.

"A close teammate of mine who shared a unit with me, he battled some personal demons, he fortunately overcame them and he is back on his feet, still playing rugby league, which is a great thing" he said.

"To see a good friend go through that sort of stuff really hit close to home and got me to get involved in this program."

After extensive consultation with coalition partners and junior clubs, an NRL State of Mind grassroots program has also been developed and will be delivered to select junior clubs throughout 2016.

The aim of the program is to: 

• Reduce the stigma around mental health within clubs and communities 

• Increase mental health literacy across grassroots Rugby League clubs 

• Stimulate help seeking behaviours amongst club members and communities 

To learn more about the program and if you or anyone you know would like support, visit